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A Personalized Supplement Program Designed for PCOS. We’ve partnered with Vitagene to offer you a personalized supplement program just for PCOS sufferers. Your Vitagene supplement program will include a unique blend of chromium, fish oil, inositol, and probiotics especially designed to combat the ill effects of PCOS. Our friends at Vitagene are a team of physicians, scientists and nutrition experts who have exhausted countless scientific research studies to create this unique PCOS supplement program just for you.


PCOS Diva offers 3 proven programs to help you take control of your PCOS symptoms.  Jumpstart is a 7 day course that gets you started on the path to hope and health, offering menus, recipes, daily motivation, education, and a caring interactive community.  Seasonal Done-for-You Menus contain hundreds of delicious recipes that take the guesswork out of eating to heal and thrive.  One-on-One Coaching offers a unique opportunity to work personally with Amy as she guides you to wellness. Choose the program that best fits your lifestyle!

It’s time to make a change. E-counseling is an effective, convenient, and affordable way to get help with many issues. Get help with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, career issues, anger-management, family conflicts, self-esteem, and many other life challenges. Take a short quiz to get personally matched with one of our 500 professional, licensed, and experienced counselors. Get the support, advice and guidance needed to start making a change.

PCOS Awareness Association is now a DietBet Coach!

Could weight loss actually be fun? Ask the 300,000 people who’ve played DietBet. They’ll tell you that DietBet isn’t just fun. It changes lives. Dietbetters get hooked on the accountability, social support, and inspiration. DietBet works by forcing you to make a concrete commitment. Then it holds your feet to the fire. Finally, it gets you to laugh your way through the journey with your fellow dietbetters. It works. Players have lost 3.6 million pounds and we’ve paid out over $16 million to winners. Dietbetting is now a worldwide movement with over 300,000 players in 90 countries. Ready to Commit, Collaborate, and Celebrate? Join a dietbet today.

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You CAN Live Well Despite PCOS!  

Jamie Cartwright is living proof that you can lose weight and get pregnant even if you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  She was able to lose 70 pounds and became pregnant naturally!

As a professional certified holistic coach, Jamie now makes these fabulous results possible for you, too! Check her out at

Did you know that 1 in 8 couples struggle to start a family? And that’s just in the U.S.!  But it doesn’t have to be so frustrating or challenging. My friend and fertility expert,  Marc Sklar, can help you just like he’s helped hundreds of other women with his 6 week online program My Fertility School. Marc, aka The Fertility Expert, has helped women with a range of fertility issues — PCOS, low partner sperm counts, multiple miscarriages, over 40, under 40, and even women who’ve been told there’s a low chance they’ll ever conceive.  If you want an effective way to get pregnant fast and want to do it naturally (without taking unfamiliar over-the-counter hormones), this DIY 6 weeks online fertility course can be what you were waiting for to supercharge your fertility. It also means that you have someone in your corner, answering questions, guiding you, and taking care of the planning part so that you can relax and focus on what needs to be done. It also gives you access to a community of ladies (and to The Fertility Expert). He’ll be there  to guide you and help you.

Crowns By L.A., a for-profit women’s headwear brand.   We are currently in the production phase with an anticipated launch of mid-December of this year.  Our brand is rooted in the empowerment of women’s confidence and self esteem.  Our brand’s goal is to promote the fashionable use of head-wraps and full coverage headwear for all women of all ages, in hopes that we can lessen the stigma associated with them as only products for women suffering from hair-loss, or wanting to hide their hair.  With a purchase of any our headwear products (we call “Crowns”), we would like to make one available for free to a woman suffering from hair-loss as a result of illness or treatments of those illnesses. 

Dr Jennifer Bliss is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her practice specializes in helping individuals and couples who are struggling with the emotional impact of infertility and/or managing the stress involved in the adoption process. Dr. Bliss has over 13 years of clinical and supervisory experience and her practice includes in-person and teletherapy services.