Why do we need your help?

PCOS Awareness Association needs help both to raise awareness of the cause and to raise funds. Our Community Ambassadors play a vital role in representing the PCOS Awareness Association at local events and functions, speaking about our work and the importance of the funds our supporters raise.

What will I be doing as an Ambassador?

This is a varied role and you could do one, or all, of the following activities:

• Willing to find free venues and to host small bi monthly PCOS Cyster Meetings

• Disseminate information provided by PCOS Awareness Association at the Cyster Meetings

• Delivering talks to local community groups, schools, faith groups, Clubs, Round Tables, Women’s groups etc. about the work of PCOS Awareness Association and the ways in which they could help us achieve our goals

• Organize local collections at supermarkets, garden centers, shopping centers etc.

• Host small booths at local events

• Raise awareness of PCOS Awareness Association and our work through talking to friends and family and on social media

What skills/experience do I need as an Ambassador?

• Confident public speaker with excellent communication skills

• Excellent organizational skills

• Reliable and professional demeanor

• A personal and friendly manner

• Flexibility to be called upon when needed

• An honest and trustworthy nature

• An ability to use your own initiative and to work unsupervised

• Dedication

• Networking with local news, people and companies

How much of my time would you like as an Ambassador?

This is a flexible volunteer role and the times may vary but we would like you to attend one – two events per quarterly.

How will I be trained and supported as an Ambassador?

• You will receive a full induction to PCOS Awareness Association and to your role

• You will have an official PCOS Awareness Association location-based email address with access to our organization’s social project management website

• You will be given any information and products necessary to carry out your role

What can I gain from volunteering with you as an Ambassador?

• The satisfaction of knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to the lives of those affected by PCOS

• Utilizing your existing skills as well as developing and learning new ones

Where will I be based as an Ambassador?

This role will be based within your local area, with the option to attend events further away should you wish to and discussed with a Leader of PCOS Awareness Association.

An Excellent Ambassador will

• Get to know news outlets – from local papers to radio stations and even bloggers, an ambassador should get to know the media and not be afraid to talk to them about interesting things happening with PCOS Awareness Association, especially if it is something new and different.

• Keep information handy – if you are in a social setting and someone shows interest in what you do, it is a good opportunity to share a brochure, DVD or other type of handout.

• Keep a portfolio – maintain a binder with recent newspaper clippings, programs, statistics etc. for quick and easy reference when talking to people.

• Practice an elevator speech – develop a 30 second speech that you think would be compelling enough to get someone interested in supporting PCOS Awareness Association and practice it.

• Keep up-to-date on PCOS Awareness Association – situations are always changing so it is important to keep up to date on what your PCOS Awareness Association is doing, what they have accomplished, how many people they have assisted lately.

• Avoid negativity – always speak well of PCOS Awareness Association to outsiders. Any drama should be kept to yourself or appropriate staff members within organization.

• Blog – take some initiative and approach PCOS Awareness Association about writing blogs and sharing information on your social media networks. If the messaging fits with PCOS Awareness Association objectives and is approved by the organization, it can be a great way to promote the cause.