PCOS Awareness Association Blogger Application

Are you a patient advocate, doctor, geneticist, healthcare professional or in the medical industry and have important news, story or information to share about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

If so, we want to hear from you! Simply submit our Blogger Application below. 

The blogging opportunity with PCOS Awareness Association is a great way to become involved in the PCOS community. Not only will you become more familiar with PCOS, help other learning about PCOS, be an advocate but you will also build your resume for future positions. The amount of individual responsibility and reliability is a great skill for future job opportunities. Improved writing skills, publicizing personal works to the PCOS community, being an activist, having your voice and opinions heard and being a recognized part of the PCOS movement are only some of the benefits of being a volunteer blogger.




  • Post a blog at least once a month or as arranged with the blogging coordinator
  • Notify the blog coordinator at least three days in advance when you cannot post on assigned day.
  • Understand blogging policies, as provided by blog editor
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While this is a flexible volunteer opportunity, all bloggers are expected to uphold PCOS Awareness Association’s policies. Including, but not limited to: posting on the scheduled dates, maintaining regular contact with the blog editor, creating thoughtful and applicable posts regarding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. If these basic requirements are not met, PCOS Awareness Association can consider the blogger as ineligible and unfit for the volunteering opportunity. If there are any schedule conflicts, the blogger must contact the blog editor ahead of time and discuss arrangements to make up the post. Any and all emails sent out regarding blogging policies, meetings and general information regarding the blog must be read and responded to in a timely fashion. *