Teal Award & Man of Teal Award

The Teal Award and Man of Teal Award are presented by PCOS Awareness Association (PCOSAA) annually to ONE Woman and ONE Man who have made outstanding contributions to the PCOS Community and are assisting in fulfilling PCOSAA’s mission.

The following criteria are among those used to select the award recipient:

  • Has been a role model for the PCOS Community
  • Assisted in sharing PCOSAA’s mission
  • Positively contributed to the PCOS Community
  • Developed or implemented or participated in a pioneering PCOS initiative
  • Contributed to improvements of PCOS advocacy

Nomination Instructions

Please read through the following information fully before completing the online nomination form.

Nominations are scored based on the responses provided in the Questions Section. There are four (4) questions in total - Three (3) are worth ten (10) points; the fourth (4th) is worth twenty (20) points.

Please be clear and concise in your writing. The quality of the answers can affect how nomination submissions are viewed.

All questions must be answered for a nomination to be scored.

Online Nomination Form

Please complete your nomination using the form below

Deadline for Submissions

Nominations are due to PCOSAA by Friday, July 7, 2017, at 11:59 PM PST

Winners will be announced during our Reveal the Teal celebration via Facebook Live August 26, 2017

Have Questions?

Contact PCOS Awareness Association at info@pcosaa.org

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Questions About Nominee
Please answer the following four (4) questions. Answers should include concrete examples and instances showcasing contributions to the PCOS Community. Responses are capped at 2,500 characters. Additional text cannot be accepted as part of the application.
Provide a brief overview of the nominee, addressing the award criteria, as noted on the award announcement above.
Describe the nominee's most important and relevant work (professional and/or volunteer activities, roles and duties performed, years of service, etc.)
What are some of the nominee’s unique personal qualities that make him/her an effective and exceptional advocate for PCOS?
What specific impact has the nominee’s advocacy work had on the PCOS community?