2019 Teal Ambassadors

End of 2018, PCOS Awareness Association had a call-to-action on all our social media profiles for a new program called “Teal Ambassadors”. We received over 200 applications and combed through all of them to find the right people to represent PCOS Awareness Association in their local communities. The following are your 2019 Ambassadors that will be hosting events, hosting booths, be local resources in their communities and more.

If you would like to apply to be an Ambassador in 2020, please check back end of 2019 for the application.


Northern Texas Ambassador


I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and I was raised in Arlington, TX. My interests include blogging, health and fitness and helping others. What drives me to help women with PCOS is my own experiences. I’ve had such a difficult time dealing with PCOS that I want every woman who has it, to find comfort in knowing that she is not alone during her journey. My support for the PCOS Awareness Association comes from the appreciating an organization that provides education, resources and is actively making a change all while building a sisterhood for women with PCOS.


Southern Florida ambassador


I was born and raised in the beautiful Naples, Florida. I am passionate about photography and capturing all the love and happiness of others. My husband, family, friends and dogs are my life – I’d do anything for them and cherish spending time with them. I’ve always been known to be the one who will care for others. I seem to put others before myself 90% of the time, so after I was diagnosed with PCOS I began to speak out about my own experience. This is when I realized how many amazing women are fighting the battle with me. I want these women to know they are not alone! When I found PCOS Awareness Association, I felt welcomed instantly. Reading the things they do to raise awareness and funds intrigued me, I just had to be a part of such a remarkable charity. Becoming an ambassador will allow me to not only assist the women (and their families) in my area, but women throughout the world.


Illinois Ambassador


I'm originally from Southern California, but I have lived in Illinois for over 20 years. Some of my interests include blogging, being outdoors, anything that is History related, and Disney! I'm a Disney fanatic! When I was diagnosed 10 years ago, not a lot was known about PCOS, so all of my doctors focused solely on my weight and now it has been difficult to ttc. I  want to help women and girls learn about PCOS so they can hopefully treat some of the symptoms sooner. I want to get the information out to women who don't have easy access to resources. PCOS Awareness Association is making major strides in spreading awareness, I want to be a part of an organization that is helping get the word out there and trying to find better treatments for symptoms. Not only are they educating the public but also the medical field. They are a great resource and one that I use daily on myself.


Nigeria Ambassador


I'm from Lagos, Nigeria. My interests are volunteering for health causes, blogging, cooking, travelling to historical sites to learn about history of a culture, programming. My reason for helping women with PCOS is because in this part of the world, ignorance has taken the better part of us. An african woman suffers a lot of stigma in relation to infertility issues, talkless of PCOS being responsible, awareness about PCOS is nowhere near 7%. PCOS Awareness Association to me is a family, a house that helps women and also includes men to help in such association. My journey to finding PCOSAA was out of the need to help women battling PCOS in my country, sensitize my community on being better humans by taking responsibility and helping. Therefore PCOSAA provides tools i need. I'm glad i discovered and chose to be part of PCOSAA family.


Arizona Ambassador


I’m original from San Diego California but I have lived all over the United States. From Idaho, Texas, Tennessee and Alabama to my newest home Phoenix, Arizona.  I was mostly raised between Alabama and California going back and forth most of my life. My interest include creative writing, college courses (currently studying law and minoring in biology.) and running. What drives me is my own struggle with PCOS and hoping I can help others with their struggles as well due to not having anyone to help me. In supporting PCOS Awareness association, I’m hoping to build a strong Cysterhood for the PCOS Community in the future and for myself and others now.


Delaware, New Jersey & New York Ambassador


I was born and raised in the is Washington, DC metro and live in New York. I’m an event planner and during my free time I shop for events and inventory for my company. Most importantly I enjoy spending time with my husband and traveling the world together. January 2017, I experience my first pregnancy and miscarriage. The doctors couldn’t provide any answers- of course a lot of times there is no reason to why women have miscarriages; however, it didn’t sit right with me, so I went to doctor after doctor. Before my miscarriage, I would get a period maybe five times a year, so I knew something had to be wrong. In October 2017 I was finally diagnose with PCOS, but all the doctor told me to do was lose 10-15 pounds. I started to work out, however in January 2018 I had my second miscarriage after trying for an entire year. That’s when I knew I needed to educate myself more and help other going through the same thing. This past September, I hosted my first PCOS Awareness Walk and fundraiser. I support PCOS Awareness Association because I know I can’t do this alone, it’s bigger than me and it’s not about who started the organization. I want to help make a difference and educate as many women and people as possible. 


Kenya Ambassador


I am born and raised in Nairobi Kenya. My interests include: Travelling, meeting new people, and helping others and my recently acquired interest- Reading. The reason I feel the need to help women with PCOS is because I suffered alone in silence for almost 7years. Getting diagnosed with PCOS was new to everyone around me and no one understood what I was going through, I chose to go online to look for information the only problem was the information provided didn’t relate to my situation since none was close home and some medication or diet plans I couldn’t use them since they were not readily available locally. I bumped into PCOS Awareness Association in my online searches and I appreciated that they allow and enable women to understand what PCOS is, provide resources regarding it and create public awareness about it. Becoming an ambassador will allow me to assist the women in my area and my continent with support and locally tailor made information that is very rare to come across at the moment.


Pennsylvania Ambassador


I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and still reside in the area. When I'm not spending time with my children or friends, I love studying herbalism and whipping up homemade holistic products in my kitchen. I'm a birth doula, women's health advocate and love spending time educating and empowering women in my area. I want to help women with PCOS because I don't want women to have to continue to struggle with symptoms the way I have in the past. I spent so many years being frustrated with my own body and feeling like I was completely alone. I support the PCOS Awareness Association because the organization is all for educating PCOS patients, their support people and the general public. The more awareness society has a whole, the faster women can become properly diagnosed, treated and reduce the risk of serious health conditions. 


Southern California Ambassador


Originally from the Chicago land area, I now reside in Sherman Oaks, CA with my boyfriend, Samuel, and our Chiweenie dog, Layla. During the day I am an animation color artist, but by night I am a non-fiction writer for my blog. I also enjoy crafting, sewing, and creating my own art when I’m not watching my Chicago Bears or Cubs play.  After searching for answers for 15 years, I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2014 and was dedicated to finding all the information possible in order to take control of my health. With 1 in 5 woman having PCOS, advocating for raising awareness in order to better educate people about PCOS has become my main goal.  Shortly after my diagnosis, I started using PCOS Awareness Association as a resource for information. It was important to me to begin supporting a non-profit that benefited those with PCOS, and chose to raise money for the organization. I became a blogger for PCOSAA in 2018 after discovering my love for writing about my experiences with PCOS. After many great years utilizing, supporting, and contributing creatively, I am very excited and honored to become an Ambassador and be able to help woman find answers they have been searching for while loving themselves in the process. 


Northern California Ambassador


I am from Philadelphia, lived in Indianapolis for three years, and have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost ten years. Like others with PCOS, I struggled to find a healthcare provider who understood PCOS symptoms and could accurately diagnose and treat this endocrine disorder. With medical support and medication, exercise and lifestyle adjustments, I have experienced healthy weight loss and am better able to manage my symptoms of PCOS. I enjoy sharing my journey and experiences with PCOS as well as learning from others about the ways PCOS uniquely affects them. I am excited to bring PCOS Awareness Association to the Bay Area and grow membership in the organization and a better support system for people with PCOS and their partners in Northern California. 


Maryland Ambassador


I’m originally from Atlanta,Georgia and currently reside in Laurel, MD. I am founder and creator of Cystum of Curves a blog that was birthed to empower all women in every area of their lives, especially those who suffer from PCOS. When I first started blogging and modeling, I did it to prove to myself that I was bigger than my symptoms that I had a voice and a right to feel beautiful no matter what. Blogging eventually ignited a passion within me and  began my path for advocacy and spreading awareness for PCOS.  I simply wanted other women  to know their are not alone & to stay encouraged because we are in this together. From miscarriages, cyst ruptures, cancer scares, anxiety, depressive episodes, weight irregularities, androgenic hair-loss, to now battling Diabetes; PCOS has impacted every area of my life. Throughout modeling and blogging, I’ve met so many women who before felt that they had to suffer in silence or that they were crazy for what they felt, when no one else believed them. It’s because of those women that connecting with PCOS Awareness Association was necessary; no woman needs to feel like she’s alone in her fight against PCOS. Every woman needs support and information, which this organization is passionate about providing and I’m passionate about representing as an ambassador


Virginia Ambassador

Brittany Daisy

I was born and raised in Detroit, MI, currently living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I love reading books and listening to podcast focused self-development, Christian spirituality, self-care, & entrepreneurship. I am Vintage Connoisseur, if you're looking for me, you can find me at the closest thrift store!  Being diagnosed with PCOS at 26 with little support from medical doctors, it became my mission to figure this thing out! I've experience so many symptoms from irregular periods, unwanted hair growth, weight gain, depression and a miscarriage;  I refuse to let PCOS defeat me or any woman within my reach. I am extremely passionate about the mission and purpose of PCOS Awareness Association simply because we need each other. I want women to be educated,  feel supported, and encouraged to overcome. I am elated to be a part of such a great community and an ambassador for such cause so dear to my heart. Cheers to women everywhere beating the odds :)