Medical Resources


After extensive research and evaluation, PCOS Awareness Association has selected Expertscape as its preferred resource for finding physicians and other medical expertise in PCOS. Expertscape uses the National Institute of Health’s PubMed database to identify those individuals and institutions that are conducting research, publishing papers, and conducting clinical trials around PCOS and thousands of other medical conditions. We particularly like that the site is completely objective and unbiased, current, covers the world, and is free and easy to use.

To visit the site, simply click here or on the logo. You’ll be taken directly to the PCOS experts page, where you can then drill down on your specific geography or on individual experts or institutions. From there, you can easily learn more about specific publications and access contact information. And we encourage you to contact them at if you have specific feedback on the site or simply want to share your experiences.

Medical Assistance

Are you looking for a free or low cost medical clinic in your area? What about a free discount prescription drug card? How about Fertility Assistance Programs? Look no further!


Medical PCOS Studies

These are studies that have been shared with PCOSAA. We are only sharing the information with you, it is your responsibility to make a sound decision to participate. Click on the picture for information on the studies. Please use the contact information provided on fliers. Thank you

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports is a unique, open-access resource that publishes and links together case reports, enabling practitioners to communicate findings, share knowledge and convey medical experiences efficiently and effectively; furthering both medical education and clinical practice. The search and browse functionality enables fluid navigation between case reports, facilitating discovery, connections and comparisons; making it the go-to resource across all the many disciplines intersecting with endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.


View PCOSAA, Dr. Stanley Schwartz and Dr. Robert Barbieri, the worlds leading Endocrinologist and OBGYN in PCOS, for this 30-min webinar answering frequently asked-questions on polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) such as:  What is the current prevalence of PCOS?  How is the diagnosis made? How are patients with PCOS typically treated and followed?