The pressure is on

This week the East coast got hit with Snow Storm Juno, dumping about 20 inches+ of that fluffy white stuff. Although it was a pretty view with glistening trees, the state called a mandatory curfew on Monday night and forced people to stay home on Tuesday. Luckily, almost everyone had a snow day or two, but as of today, it's back to reality for some people, including myself. As the snow fell, I couldn't help but think "only 18 more days till Disney. Only 18 more days and I'm out of this mess..." Which then led me to think..."Damnit...only 18 more days, which is 2 and a half more weeks to get down to my goal weight!" So the pressure is on as now I only have 17 more days to slim down. I have been eating healthy (with the exception of this weeks snow days...let's just say I splurged and bought a box of chips ahoy cookies...and by today ((Wednesday)) there are only 5 cookies left.) I know, I know, bad me...but I did make up for it by exercising and shoveling my heart out! I had the chance of working out all week...Yesterday I was outside for 2 and a half hours shoveling my driveway with my parents, as well as all our elderly neighbors' we help on the block....when I got back in, I was starving and pigged out...took a nap...then after dinner I went on the treadmill and worked out even more. On top of the 2 and a half hours of shoveling, I ran/power-walked 2 miles as well as my crunches, jumping jacks, squats and more. -- Then I had more cookies. Today it's back to work, back to reality, back to clean eating. I had two days of splurging, but now the pressure is on...DISNEY! IMG_2421 (1)


So here are some updates on my progress since after the holidays. I'm happy with the progress on my arms and legs...but wish I can lose my pouch. No matter how many crunches and ab exercises I do, I feel like everywhere on my body gets toned EXCEPT my stomach. It's really frustrating because that's all I care stomach...not my arms, not my legs, not my stomach.


  • Before pic: 12/01/14
  • After pic: 1/27/15




  • Before Pics: 12/15/14
  • After Pics: 1/27/15



I don't have a before picture of my stomach laying down, but here's a picture I took on Saturday, 1/17, and  yesterday, 1/27/15. It's getting there...not as fast as the other parts but slowly but surely I'm making progress. I have a few before and after's of me in the mirror with a bra and underwear but I'm a little reluctant to put them online.  (Hope you ladies understand)


I like these before and after pics, and think I'm going to continue posting through out my journey. It shows a real woman's with PCOS progress without being photo shopped or tampered with (as you see on Pinterest or other sites.)


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah