Skipping the Met

Day after day, meal after meal, exercise after exercise, I'm beginning to slim down and shed the pounds. I feel good...but I could feel better...and I think I know the reason why. 2 years ago I was able to lose weight very quickly while dieting and exercising. Since then, I have been losing the weight, but I find it much more difficult. I was put on Metformin in the summer of 2012, and putting two and two together, it has been since then that I've been struggling more and more. In some cases Metformin helps people with PCOS lose weight, but in other cases, like me, it makes me gain and harder to lose. The reason why I was put on Metformin (in addition to the Spiro) was because of the excess facial hair. Honestly, it hasn't even been working for the hair that much, but my doctor insisted that I stay on it. (My uncle who's a doctor has all my lab work...every time I get it done, I send a copy to him and he has no idea why I'm on the Met. As a doctor, he said I couldn't take his advice and get off it, since my Endo is the one who should tell me too. But no. She wants me on it.) I left a message for her this morning and have yet to hear back.  I wanna know if I'm able to do a trial and error with myself. My next apt is in May...I wanna see how if I skip the Met and just take the Spiro and my birth control from now until then, if I lose weight, maintain the weight and how my blood work is once off. Has anyone else had this problem with the Metformin, as well as using trial and error to see which medications are right for you? I would love some advice!

In regards to my exercises and I said, I have been losing weight but not as much or as fast as I used too. I do have to say that my buns look great! I've been doing squats and am happy with that progression. I've been taking pictures for myself to compare each week...but I'm not confident enough to put up those pics of me in my undies, like you see all over Pinterest.

I do have some great recipes to share next time :)


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah