Like a Broken Record

Into the first full week of 2015, as I mentioned, I started my post-holiday weight loss plan. I officially lost 3.6 pounds and although it’s not much, I am very proud. My goal is to lose 15lbs before I go to Disney in February, and while I'm their, try my hardest to maintain the weight. It’s going to be extremely difficult, passing up those Turkey legs in Frontier Land, drinking around the world in Epcot, and most of all, the Mickey shaped Ice cream bars all over the park (my weakness!). I deserve this. I deserve to gain my self-confidence back…to be able to look in the mirror and say damn, I look good! EVERYONE deserves it, and with strong will and determination it can be done. I know, I sound like a broken record…every time I start a new diet, I always seem to slip up….I’m motivated for the first few weeks and then a binge comes alone and knocks me off my feet. This time is different. This time, I come body comes first…and more importantly, my health comes first. I switched my meal plans up and am really happy so far with the outcome. Back to counting calories, tracking my food, exercise and water intake with myftinesspal. A sample of what I’m eating per day:


Before Breakfast:

  • Hot Water, Honey and Cinnamon regimen                                             60 Calories
  • (As stated in my previous blog)


  • ½ Grapefruit                                                                                                    50 calories
  • 1 hardboiled egg                                                                                              78 calories
  • Large coffee from Dunkin Donuts with Skim milk                                   45 calories



  • Spinach with mixed greens                                                                          20 Calories
  • 3 ox of grilled chicken lightly seasoned with salt and pepper               110 Calories
  • 2 clementine’s                                                                                                  66 calories


  • 1 Banana                                                                                                             100 Calories
  • 1 tablespoon reduced fat Peanut Butter                                                       80 Calories


  • 6oz steamed shrimp                                                                                       164 Calories
  • 1 cup brown rice                                                                                              216 Calories
  • 1 cup broccoli                                                                                                    78 Calories

Before Bed:

  • Hot Water, Honey and Cinnamon regimen                                           60 Calories


Total daily calorie intake:                                                                        1127 Calories


My daily food calorie intake I’m trying to keep under 1200. I could negate the calories burned for food, but I don’t. I strictly eat less than 1200 a day and then work out as “extra” calories were burned, and not eaten.

After dinner you can usually find me downstairs, on my treadmill, working up a sweat while listening to Pandora’s Disney station. I tell ya, Disney songs and working out go hand in hand…Singing at the top of my lungs while pausing to dance (and still burning calories) really feel great! (I have 37 days to go until vacation so I must be prepared!) I found a couple of exercises that I really enjoyed on Pinterest. I was hurting the day after I started them so it definitely works for me.  Here’s a sample of what I’ve been doing:



FullSizeRender (3)

NOTE: I do this routine 3 times...they say to do it 5, but it's too much for me right now, plus with the other workout I'm doing. Maybe in a week or two once my body is used to the changes, I can work myself up.


All over workout:


NOTE: I do this three times (as it says). Once before my workout, and twice after.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and I am determined to get to my goal weight (Again.... Like a broken record). Gotta start somewhere though, right!?! :)


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah