Spread the Word

As I open my different social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram I see so many positing's from PCOSAA. I can't tell you how happy I am to see OUR association and OUR cysters posting about OUR disorder. I think that it's phenomenal that we are spreading the word and getting recognized via social media (which is used EVERY day by billions of people). It's so heart warming to see different women with PCOS interacting and commenting on these posts, communicating with other cysters and getting advice, help and new ideas. This weekend while I was on Instagram, I came across a post from PCOSAA which advertised blue rubber PCOS Awareness bracelets. Instantly, I knew I had to have them. After I am finished typing this blog, I am going to purchase between 5-10 to wear and to share with my friends/family to spread the awareness. Here's a link to the site's store. I encourage you all to buy one or as many as you can, and give them away to spread the word as well.



After the holidays are over, I would love to do something a little more. I would like to coordinate and put together a PCOS walk or fundraising event (one per state/town) which could bring women with PCOS together, friends and families of ours together to donate and make aware of our situation. One cyster per state/town can handle and put together their event. We can make flyers, t-shirts, do contest give aways', etc. It would be a fun thing to do, while helping our cause become more noticeable, as we accumulate donations for research.

If you guys would like to partake in something like this, please let me know and we can work it out with PCOSAA. It would be amazing if we can all come together and make a difference, especially in a cause that hits home and affects all of us.


Here's my email for those of you who would like to message me personally: smpalilla@gmail.com


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah