Just Another Random Blog

It feels like I haven't blogged in forever! I have so much to say since the last time I wrote, so this will probably be another blog full of randomness! :)  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and loved ones. My thanksgiving was extraordinary! I helped mom prep and cook for the big meal, spent time with family and of course, ate and drank. It was beautiful having everyone at my house, reminiscing about old times while making new memories. Times like these are priceless and I treasure every minute of them. Friday I dragged myself to the mall, just went along with some girlfriends, didn't really buy anything since this year I'm keeping it simple...Gift Cards for everyone! Saturday I helped with the Christmas decorations, went out for Gyro's with my parents and went to a bar with my siblings and some friends. Sunday was a day of relaxation for me. Went to a friends for pizza and football while watching the Giants lose in the last minute of the game..no words can express how I felt during that unpredictable (kinda predictable how the giants have been playing loss. I couldn't believe it they were up by 2, then lost by 1 all within the last minute of the quarter. Womp Womp. As per my diet, I gave myself a break from Thanksgiving to yesterday. Hence getting a Gyro with my parents, going to the bar for some drinks and indulged in pizza on Sunday.  I was bad, yes...but it was totally worth it! I got it out of my system until the next occasion which is my birthday on the 18th. Turning the big 2-6. Nothing too crazy...actually just signed up for my own Healthcare insurance today with my job. Sucks getting old, but it's something we all have to go through. I was always lucky to be under my parents plan...I didn't really have to pay a dime to visit the doctors (which for me is 4 times a year between Endo and Gyno). Anywho--back to the diet. I started counting calories again and working out after dinner. Running, power walking, burpees, crunches, you name it--I'm doing it. I gotta get my body back on track. Only 22 more days left to reach my goal. 10 more pounds, I think it's possible. How's everyone doing toward theirs??

****Biotin/Hair thinning update****

I started taking Biotin two months ago, and all of  a sudden I have seen a drastic improvement, however there are some cons (but I think I can get past them).


  • My bald spot patches are patching up VERY nicely. I'm not embarrassed to put my hair up anymore.
  • My hair is longer, shinier and looks ALOT healthier.
  • My nails are stronger and longer.
  • My eyelashes are even growing and they look full and beautiful!


  • My facial hair is growing faster (chin, eyebrows, and sides of face).
  • My legs and arms (yes--I shave my arms LOL) are growing faster as well.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I think I can deal with the extra plucking and shaving if it means that I'm achieving my desired results. Ohhhh the struggles we endure with having PCOS!


PCOS teal ribbonAll the best, Sarah