New Goals

As the holidays approach us, I’ve been able to successfully maintain some weightless as well as clean, healthy eating, making it able for me to lose 11lbs since I’ve started this blog. I’ve been able to pass up the Pumpkin Pie my parents bought last week, the lemon cookies my dad made this weekend and the pizza my friends and I ordered for Football on Sunday. It’s been difficult but I’ve been able to stay on track of my journey which I’m allowing myself to go all out for the holidays, as well as my birthday which is exactly a week before Christmas day. In the midst of all this, I only have one thing on my mind. DISNEY! I definitely want to be able to reach my goal by then, so I can be comfortable and able to not be as self-conscious like I am on all my vacations. My sister had went to the Doctor a few weeks ago and wanted to do something about her weight as well. She took matters into her own hands and was put on a very strict 1200 calorie per day diet which consists of 2 protein shakes and one “clean meal” which includes 1 cup greens, ½ cup of starch and 6oz of meat or fish, or 6 egg whites with veggies/ The target weight loss is about 10lbs per month, and into the 3rd week she’s lost about 7. I couldn’t be more proud of her, as she inspired me to join her down this path. On January 2nd, right after the holidays, I will buy the protein powder that is prescribed by the doctor, and do exactly what she’s doing. Since this diet is prescribed by physicians, it’s one of the healthiest to do. I’m excited to try something new and can’t wait to track my experiences and post new fun and healthy recipes for you all! Well. It’s that time 2nd time of year for me again....blood work and a visit to my Endocrinologist. As all the other times, I’m dreading it. I feel healthy especially with all the diet and exercising I’ve been doing, but you still never know. I have a couple of things I want to discuss with her such as being exhausted all the time and if I can do more than what I’m already doing for this damn thinning hair. My appointments not for another 2 weeks so I will definitely update you after I go. Hopefully she can answer some of my questions, so I can inform you all if you have the same symptoms as I do! :)

PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah