Keep Calm When You’re Feeling Blue

I’ve been getting into these moods lately, where I just want to curl up in a ball and shelter myself from the world. I’ve been so stressed, so depressed, so alone, that I just want to be on a deserted island, isolated from everyone and everything. I know, I sound somber, but oh would it be nice. Just because I say I want to curl up in a ball, and stay in bed watching re-runs of Greys Anatomy, while eating a tub of Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate ice cream doesn’t mean I actually do it. Although I’m stressed and would LOVE to do all the above, I can’t. I cannot dwell on what’s bothering me, because hey, I live in reality. I deal with a few coping mechanisms, and dust myself off, ready to face what’s ahead of me.

Dealing with stress varies from person to person. I went from crying my eyes out every night, too finding new healthy ways to cope. I found that the healthier ways work better and I just think that crying myself to sleep takes too much out of me. Plus, I wake up with swollen eyes and nobody likes that.

  • Keep a stress diary

I know this sounds weird, but it DOES work, especially if you’re a visual person. I find that writing down what’s wrong allows you to visually look at the problem as well as a reliever to get off what’s on your mind. (This especially works for stress about financial situations)

  • Walk

Go for a walk with someone and talk to him/her about what’s bothering you, or even go by yourself to clear your mind. ( I like going alone)

  • Take a hot bath or a long hot shower

One of the most relaxed ways to unwind and de-stress

  • Get more sleep       

I usually try to go to sleep by 9:30/10:00 if I’m stressed. Just so I clear my mind and don’t have to think about what’s bothering me. Plus it’s good for the body

  • Be positive 

I try to tell myself that things can be a lot worse, and try to think of the bright side. I misplace the words can’t and won’t with will and might and as cheesy as it sounds, it definitely relieves a little bit off me

  • Acceptance

Accept that you can’t control everything, and think to yourself, is this as bad as you think?


Yes, these basic mechanisms do work. I’ve been stressed out for about 3 days, where the “old” me would have been stressed out for over a week. I’ve been using these methods to calm myself and de-stress, and am happy to say it has worked. I am now stress free and am finally back to my happy, chipper self! ---oh, and it’s OKAY to have a cheat day, especially when you’re stressed! Just don’t make it a cheat week! I definitely take the opportunity to use my cheat day wisely, but also remember what my goals and priorities are.



PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah