So I celebrated birthday 6 days ago, and I’ve had an absolutely lovely few days :DI ate and drank too much and Sunday was my first day back to my usual schedule and calorie counting! Life’s too short not to enjoy it whenever you like and for me, that meant having three deserts and eating a fiorentina pizza!!!! (I also had a fair bit of wine and sambuca) so you see, my point is, I fell off my calorie counting wagon, but it doesn’t mean I’m not picking myself up and putting myself back on! Sunday, I swam and biked, Monday I biked, Tuesday I biked and again today I went biking! It's been great getting back to normality! Three days a year is hardly going overboard! My point is, in a roundabout way is to enjoy life. Do whatever makes you happy and healthy! Don’t feel guilty if you’re dieting and you break it for a couple of days! I love counting my calories and biking, it’s what works for me! But that’s not to say it’s what works for someone else!

I had a doctors appointment yesterday, just to pick up a repeat prescription for 'Yasmin' my contraceptive pill which keeps my periods ticking over properly, and I was weighed, and compared to my last Doctors weigh in, I am 18 pounds lighter than I was in April! I've been having a 'weekly weigh-in' every week so I know how much i'm loosing, it's just nice to have it on Doctors records. My point is, don't give in aiming for something you can't stop thinking about!

On a complete tangent, I want to speak about something I saw this week on 'Tumblr' which really annoyed me. Someone posted a photo saying 'Have periods like a normal person…LOL Nope' and it really got me thinking about the use of the word 'Normal'. So here is a mini rant type thing which I hope you take as promotion for self-esteem!

I disagree with the use of ‘normal’ in reference to most things, (mental health/weight/etc) but it seems to crop up a lot in regard to having Pcos! Mostly because I don’t want anyone to feel they don’t conform to ‘normal’! 
Pcos sucks, there’s no two ways about that! But there’s no way we are not ‘normal’ and no-one determines what ‘normal’ even is anyway! Don’t think of yourselves as being any less than absolute survivors and fighters of this endocrine disorder! If people were ‘normal’ or whatever society means by ‘normal’ then the world would be a very dull place! 
’Normal’ doesn’t even look like a real word to me anymore hahaha!

Stay beautiful & have a lovely week!


(If you have tumblr, I run a Pcos blog on there incase you fancy checking it out here)