Tweezers are a Girls Best Friend

I’m not one to complain, but I really despise having PCOS. I mean—I REALLY hate it. I hate the cramping, I hate feeling tired 24/7, I hate feeling depressed, I hate my mood swings, I hate taking medication every single day, but the two most irritating things I absolutely hate the most, are my thinning hair, and plucking my face. Sorry. I really had to get everything off my chest. This weekend, I spent a whopping 45 minutes tweezing my chin and the sides of my face—and three days later, its already growing back. So much for my meds regulating this, right? Well, I do have to admit that the facial hair was much worse before being diagnosed and starting any types of meds. I’m taking Spironolactone 100mg, twice a day, Metformin 500mg twice a day, and Balziva birth control. I mean, I’m not a hairy scary monster or anything, but the hair is just soo annoying! I can’t even up my Metformin dosage because then I’ll be suffering with nausea, gas, diarrhea and horrible cramps, like I did when I was on 2000mg. It’s a no-win situation for me.

What I want to know, is how are you ladies dealing with the facial hair? Do you have any tips, any suggestions that can be of help? I’d gladly appreciate any advice I can get, other than my usual Saturday dates with the tweezers and close up mirror.


Tweezers are a girl's best friend.



As for the thinning hair, that’s another huge pain in the tush. I used to have such long, thick beautiful hair, and now it’s like thin strands of hay. I’ve been using a coconut oil/ honey treatment once a week. I have to say, it’s really helping a lot, and I highly recommend it! It helps the growth as well as rejuvenates the hair, leaving it softer, shinier and healthier looking.

Coconut Oil/honey Hair Treatment

Things you will need:

  • ¼ cup Coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Small Bowl
  • Shower cap

Step by step:

  • In a small bowl, combine and mix together the coconut oil and honey
  • Using hands, massage the mixture into hair.
  • Put hair in clip, then cover with shower cap
  • Leave in for about 20-30 minutes. ( usually shave my legs while I’m waiting lol)
  • Shampoo/Condition as usual. (I sometimes shampoo twice, just to make sure its all out)
  • Style as usual


For hair growth, I also:

  • Use any type of shampoo/conditioner with volume
  • Take Biotin 5000mcg every day


Let me know what you think---Also, please let me know about the plucking situation! Thanks Ladies :)


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah