The Little Things!

It's lovely to meet you all! I want to start by introducing myself. My names Katherine and i'm a few days away from turning 22 years old from the East Midlands in England, I was diagnosed with PCOS three years ago but have been experiencing symptoms for the last nine.

I'm a lifelong vegetarian who has always been very health and nutrition conscious, even more so since my diagnosis! I am currently on a weight loss mission and have lost 13 pounds so far with an overall aim of 52 in total, so there's still 39 to go, it feels good and i'm proud of how far i've come in the last 3 months.

Today, I want to talk about how important I believe it is to have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body when managing PCOS. I've compiled a list of what I deem 'Important things to remember' when dealing with PCOS. Let's be realistic!

  • Stay Positive, mind & body!
  • You’re allowed to lie on the sofa eating chocolate and watching rubbish tele even if you’re watching your calorie intake! (trust me, the occasional sofa day works wonders for the monthly blues)
  • Find an exercise regime which works for you! Don’t be forced into an expensive membership if its not what you want (I’ve been there too), the world is your gym, find what works for your body!
  • You’re the best at being you! No one else can do a better job of being as wonderful as you! You are one of a kind, a unique, wonderful and powerful being who can accomplish anything! (Never accept that you ‘can’t’, aim for whatever the hell you want and embrace it!)
  • Focus on what you love about yourself, see those little details which build up the fabric of who you are.
  • This is your only body, it is yours to keep forever, and you're not going to get another one, embrace it, and get the most joy you can out of it.
  • Relax, take it steady! Everyone needs some down time!
  • Simply just stay wonderful, you're all beautiful!

Have a beautiful week.

Katherine x