OMG Burpees

As the season begins to cool down, I did some fall cleaning at home and put away all my summer shorts, sandals, bathing suits and shirts, and brought up all my cardigans, sweaters, winter dress pants and shoes. As I tried on a pair of my heavier dress pants for the fall/winter, the first words out of my mouth were a long, drawn out, “OMG”. Wow. They were prettttty snug on me, not like my nice, loser work pants from the summer, which were beginning to become even looser on me since I lost a few pounds. Oh. My jeans are a bit uncomfortable as well. This I’m sure has happened to ALL of us. It’s both a good and bad thing. 1) It’s just a depressing reminder that weight has been gained since last year. And 2.) It’s a good thing because my body needs to fit in these pants right? So it’s another motivator and incentive to lose some more L-B’s. I look at it this way…I’m not going to the store to buy new pants unless they become old and ripped and I REALLY need them. Why? Because I don’t like spending money unless I absolutely have to. Plus, I’m going to wind up buying a bigger pair, and I REALLY don’t want to since that’s an open invitation to eat more. I mean, what happens when those pants become tight on me? Scary thought. IMG_1534

As October crept upon us so quickly, it’s still bearable to go for my 3 mile walk every night after dinner, as well as my at home exercise routines. It’s so beautiful to see the leaves changing its colors from green to yellow, to red, to orange. Once it gets too cool, and when it starts getting darker out much earlier, I will start weaning my way to run again on my treadmill as well as some other great exercises. I started this challenge for October and although it looks like complete torture towards to end, I remember what my goal is and how I need to reach it. I’m not going to get there by sitting around eating bon-bons all day! (always wanted the perfect opportunity to say that!) Plus, I think about how uncomfortable my pants are and how I’ll do anything to have them loose again. (I literally can’t wait to jump in my cozy pajama pants tonight!)

So here’s the OMG Burpee challenge. (Now I know why it’s called OMG Burpees!)I would love for you all to do it with me and share your thoughts. We’re in this together and I would definitely love some support!





PCOS teal ribbon  All the best, Sarah