Anything is Possible

Jillian Michaels, Victoria Beckham, Jools Oliver, Rebecca Atkinson, Emma Thompson. These are all famous women who are exactly like you and me, who are all suffering from PCOS. At first I was a little upset about hearing that most of these women have the same diagnosis as me because their bodies are NOT like mine…I thought that the majority of women who have PCOS are overweight, ( They’re all super skinny twigs!) But then, after doing more research and taking the time out to read all of their stories, it gave me much hope and comfort to know that each of them never let their condition define them. They all worked extremely hard to overcome some of the hardships of PCOS by losing substantial amounts of weight, and although not all of them were successful at becoming (or staying) pregnant, they were still able to have children. However, I doubt that these are the only celebrities that have PCOS and I’m sure there are dozens more that have the condition, we just don’t know about it. I found the research quite inspiring, and even more of a motivator, that anything is possible if you are determined and work hard for what you want. vic beckham pcos Victoria Beckham

jill michaels pcos Jillian Michaels


I can’t stress enough how important diet and exercise are for women with PCOS. Getting back on track while reaching my goal to not only lose weight, but maintain a healthy life style, makes me feel empowered every single day. It’s been almost two weeks and I already feel great. While I’m doing extensive cardio, I plan on getting my tush back on the treadmill and instead of walking those 3 miles, I’m going to jog them.

Something I’ve been using to help me track calories, is an app, which I’m sure most of you are familiar with: MYFITNESSPAL. Since I’m an avid calorie counter, this app is a god send. Whatever I eat, I plug it in and track it. If I want to eat something, but not sure of how many calories it has, I plug it in and it tells me. Along with tracking breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks it also allows you to tack your daily water intake as well as your exercises. For example, if I do 100 crunches, it allows you to plug it in and gives you an estimated number of calories burned for the activity. I definitely recommend downloading it, as it is extremely helpful, and easier than googling “how many calories are in 1 banana”.


PCOS teal ribbon  All the best, Sarah