Q & A With nicole jardim

Nicole Jardim is a Young Women's Hormonal Health Coach and creator of Fix Your Period, a series of programs that empower women to reclaim their hormonal health in a fun and sassy way. She runs a successful 1-on-1 and group coaching business and has helped thousands of women from all around the world who are struggling with PCOS, infertility, amenorrhea, endometriosis, PMS and much more.

Rather than treating problems or symptoms, Nicole treats women by addressing the root cause of what's really going on in their bodies and minds. She passionately believes that the fundamentals to healing any hormonal imbalance lie in an approach that addresses the unique physiology of every woman. This is essential to reclaiming and maintaining feminine vitality at any age. Sign up here for her free 3-part video training series, Take Control of Your Period, Take Control of Your Life.

I'm a Certified Young Women's Hormonal Health Coach which means I specialize in hormonal and reproductive health. In 2010, I trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach. In 2011, I completed a 3-month apprenticeship at a women's holistic health center in New York City. In 2012, I did a 1-year training program with Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD (author of The Hormone Cure), and became certified in her Gottfried Protocol. In 2013 I completed a 6-month training program with Jessica Drummond MPT, CCN, CHC, founder of The Integrative Pelvic Health Institute, and became certified in her Pelvic Pain Relief Method.
And because I'm a sucker for punishment, I'm currently working through additional certification in a 12-month women's health and nutrition coach program with the Integrative Pelvic Health Institute. Because I really, truly love this work (and clearly don't enjoy having any spare time).



What is PCOS in respect to your area of expertise? 

PCOS is a condition that affects a woman's endocrine system and ultimately her hormones and reproductive function. This condition is completely treatable through targeted changes to diet and lifestyle.  

What are the PCOS symptoms? 

There are many symptoms associated with PCOS, including ovarian cysts, acne, male-pattern hair loss, hair growth on the face and chest, weight gain and obesity, irregular periods, menstrual cycles that are very long, sub-fertility or infertility due to lack of ovulation, along with insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

What are you currently doing for PCOS? 

I am the creator of a series of programs called Fix Your Period. In these programs, I help women address the root cause of their conditions like PCOS. We focus on blood sugar balancing which is a crucial part of any PCOS treatment plan, diet modification, liver and gallbladder detoxification, targeted supplementation, stress management, hormone testing and period charting and tracking. I also speak on various online summits and write extensively on my blog about hormonal imbalances and how to address them. 

What are 5 key facts about PCOS that you would like the public to know? 

Five key facts:

  1. PCOS is not a life-sentence, in fact it is absolutely treatable. 
  2. PCOS is very commonly linked to insulin resistance, once you treat the insulin resistance through diet and lifestyle changes, PCOS symptoms diminish significantly and in some cases completely disappear. 
  3. Research shows that insulin causes the ovaries to produce more testosterone, which causes the increase in facial hair, acne and male-pattern baldness so many PCOS-sufferers experience.  
  4. Studies show that almost 75% of women with PCOS are low in vitamin D - so get your levels tested.
  5. Not all women with PCOS are overweight, in fact a large percentage are normal weight. 


What do you want to get out of helping women with PCOS? 

The most exhilarating emails I receive are from women who've been diagnosed with PCOS and are now living without symptoms and getting pregnant naturally. When a woman is told she might never have kids and/or will need medical intervention to conceive and then she gets pregnant on her own - wow, just wow! It's amazing for her! More than anything, I want to empower women to take charge of their hormonal health so they can live their best lives. 

Does your business/practice have an online presence on social websites?







What interests you about serving on the PCOSAA Advisory Committee? 

I'm excited to be part of a group of empowered women on a mission to help other women. Additionally, I would like to see a movement toward more alternative and natural treatments for PCOS and I believe the PCOSAA Advisory Committee would be a perfect way to advocate for that.

What can PCOSAA do, as an organization, to bring more awareness and to get more doctors to test women for PCOS? 

I think the PCOSAA needs to stay on top of the latest research and continue to engage their tribe of women so they can learn about what is and is not working. Building a loyal following is crucial to the mission because this creates a large enough voice that will be heard by authorities and doctors.