Tiffany Stepanski is a Certified Event Designer, Event Planner & Realtor in Houston, Texas. Her journey with PCOS began with early symptoms showing in 1996 at the age of 14, but was not officially diagnosed until 2003 after multiple doctor and specialists visits. Once officially diagnosed, she began channeling her energy & combining her passion for helping others, event planning and corporate training and education to assist in actively raising awareness within her local PCOS community and family, many of whom had no idea what PCOS was at all. In early 2017, Tiffany joined forces with PCOSAA to assist with Special Events & Promotions leadership, and has enjoyed aiding in the growth of the organization and PCOS community ever since. With the support of her Husband of 12 years, Patrick, and family & friends, Tiffany continues to reach for personal goals in her battle to manage PCOS and accomplish more locally, nationally and internationally to broaden the way people approach & understand PCOS for all struggling with understanding & managing it in their personal lives & families too.