6 more weeks..

As per Punxsutawney Phil, we get to endure another 6 more weeks of cold, snowy, icy, winter. I don’t know how I feel about this. I want to say I hate it because every other day it’s snowing, hailing and brutally cold…but then the other half of me doesn’t mind it, because it gives me a little more time to get fit and lose a little more weight before spring. So what’s more important to me, being a little cold or giving myself more time to look how I want to look? I’ll take the six more weeks, thanks Phil! :) I feel like every day it’s something different with me…what I’m eating new, what I’m negating and adding to my meals and workout plans, etc. I decided I’m trying something new for the next two weeks until I go to Disney. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Three Day Military Diet? Well. I started it yesterday and going to do it until tomorrow…and same thing next week, Mon-Wed. I’ve done it in the past and the results were outstanding…I myself am able to lose 8-9 pounds in the three day span…so if I do it a few times there will be more results and wallla…down to my ideal weight. Now it really isn’t that easy especially for us with PCOS. It takes us a lot more time to lose weight and even worse, keep the weight off. I never tried the two week in a row thing…and the 4 days after I always ate what I wanted to so I never really kept the weight off. But this time it’s different. I’m going to be strict and eat clean (like I have been for the past few weeks) and work out of the days I’m not doing the 3 day diet (because you really shouldn’t work out while doing it…you’re weak as it is so you want your body to adjust and be comfortable with eating less).

So here it is for those of you who don’t know:

Day One:


  • 1 cup coffee or tea (black)
  • 1 slice whole wheat toast
  • 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter
  • ½ grapefruit


  • ½ cup Tuna
  • 1 slice of whole wheat toast
  • 1 cup of coffee or tea (black)


  • 3oz of any meat
  • 1 cup green beans
  • ½ banana
  • 1 small apple
  • 1 cup of vanilla ice-cream

Day Two:


  • 1 egg cooked however you like
  • ½ banana
  • 1 slice of whole wheat toast



  • 1 hardboiled egg
  • 1 cup cottage cheese (can substitute for plain Tuna)
  • 5 saltine crackers


  • 2 hot dogs (no buns)
  • ½ cup carrots
  • 1 cup broccoli
  • ½ banana
  • ½ cup vanilla ice-cream

Day Three:


  • 1 small apple
  • 5 saltine crackers
  • 1 slice cheddar cheese


  • 1 egg (cooked however you like)
  • 1 slice whole wheat toast


  • 1 cup tuna (plain)
  • ½ banana
  • 1 cup vanilla ice-cream

The Rules:

  • Must not snack in between meals
  • Can only use seasonings and condiments such as: Salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, mustard, ketchup
  • You can save something from one meal and eat it later or as a snack. It doesn’t matter when you eat it only matters that you eat everything that’s on the menu for the three days…nothing more, nothing less. (oh and yes—you can save the ice-cream for desert!)


If any of you try this, please let me know how the results are! I will update you all on my progress as well.


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah

The pressure is on

This week the East coast got hit with Snow Storm Juno, dumping about 20 inches+ of that fluffy white stuff. Although it was a pretty view with glistening trees, the state called a mandatory curfew on Monday night and forced people to stay home on Tuesday. Luckily, almost everyone had a snow day or two, but as of today, it's back to reality for some people, including myself. As the snow fell, I couldn't help but think "only 18 more days till Disney. Only 18 more days and I'm out of this mess..." Which then led me to think..."Damnit...only 18 more days, which is 2 and a half more weeks to get down to my goal weight!" So the pressure is on as now I only have 17 more days to slim down. I have been eating healthy (with the exception of this weeks snow days...let's just say I splurged and bought a box of chips ahoy cookies...and by today ((Wednesday)) there are only 5 cookies left.) I know, I know, bad me...but I did make up for it by exercising and shoveling my heart out! I had the chance of working out all week...Yesterday I was outside for 2 and a half hours shoveling my driveway with my parents, as well as all our elderly neighbors' we help on the block....when I got back in, I was starving and pigged out...took a nap...then after dinner I went on the treadmill and worked out even more. On top of the 2 and a half hours of shoveling, I ran/power-walked 2 miles as well as my crunches, jumping jacks, squats and more. -- Then I had more cookies. Today it's back to work, back to reality, back to clean eating. I had two days of splurging, but now the pressure is on...DISNEY! IMG_2421 (1)


So here are some updates on my progress since after the holidays. I'm happy with the progress on my arms and legs...but wish I can lose my pouch. No matter how many crunches and ab exercises I do, I feel like everywhere on my body gets toned EXCEPT my stomach. It's really frustrating because that's all I care about..my stomach...not my arms, not my legs, not my neck...my stomach.


  • Before pic: 12/01/14
  • After pic: 1/27/15




  • Before Pics: 12/15/14
  • After Pics: 1/27/15



I don't have a before picture of my stomach laying down, but here's a picture I took on Saturday, 1/17, and  yesterday, 1/27/15. It's getting there...not as fast as the other parts but slowly but surely I'm making progress. I have a few before and after's of me in the mirror with a bra and underwear but I'm a little reluctant to put them online.  (Hope you ladies understand)


I like these before and after pics, and think I'm going to continue posting through out my journey. It shows a real woman's with PCOS progress without being photo shopped or tampered with (as you see on Pinterest or other sites.)


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

So I’m a little late with blogging this week and I apologize for that…Been extremely busy dealing with insurance companies, both health and car…..Here’s a brief update with what’s been happening:

  • Last Thursday evening I got into a car accident, a 5 car pile-up. Luckily myself and everyone else who were involved were perfectly fine, no injuries. It wasn’t that bad---just everyone stopping short, kind of a chain reaction type of thing. After several days of waiting for the insurance company to call, obtaining a police report, etc., I’m finally going to have my car fixed this weekend. One thing is for certain though…I thank God from the bottom of my heart that everyone was okay. The accident could have been a lot worse, and I just pray every day that God was good to me, and to all of us.


  • I heard back from my Endocrinologist and I am officially 10 days off Metformin. (As I’m typing I had to counts few times to make sure it was 10…wow it really has been a while since I blogged.) But being off the Met, I feel good! I’ve been maintain my weight loss and other than the “withdrawing” symptoms I feel great! (Hormones are all crazy…one minute I’m a little angel the next I’m a crazy mad women) but that should all go away soon. I love the fact that I only have to take the Spironolactone along with my other vitamins!


  • My diet is on point…Still using the Myfitnesspal app which is awesome and highly recommended if you’re not already using it. I’ve been sticking to less than 1200 cals a day plus 4-5 days a week of exercising. I feel good. I’m motivated and in good spirits :)


So as promised, here’s a recipe I’d like to share with you all!

For all you fish lovers, last week I made a scrumptious Salmon that I found on Pinterest. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest!?) It’s a foil bake salon with asparagus and I made a baked potato on the side. (Cuz you all know how much I love potatoes Lol) The salmon/asparagus combo is only 239 calories per serving…so that with a baked potato were a whopping 400 calories for dinner! Awesome right!?  Here ya go:



  • 4 salmon fillets
  • 3 lemons
  • 2 tbsp butter (cut into 8 pats)
  • 1.5lb asparagus
  • Salt/pepper/garlic powder to taste


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Wash asparagus and cut the bottoms of the spears.
  • Sprinkle salt/pepper/ garlic powder and squeeze lemon on top of the asparagus and place on aluminum foil (a good size to fit the salmon fillet…I fit 7 spears in the foil)
  • Place the salmon on top of the asparagus with 2 pats of butter on each fillet, and sprinkle with the seasonings and more 2 slices of lemon on each fillet.
  • Fold the foil patches and leave them seam side up. Place in the oven for 25-30 minutes.

Quick, easy and delicious!


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah

Skipping the Met

Day after day, meal after meal, exercise after exercise, I'm beginning to slim down and shed the pounds. I feel good...but I could feel better...and I think I know the reason why. 2 years ago I was able to lose weight very quickly while dieting and exercising. Since then, I have been losing the weight, but I find it much more difficult. I was put on Metformin in the summer of 2012, and putting two and two together, it has been since then that I've been struggling more and more. In some cases Metformin helps people with PCOS lose weight, but in other cases, like me, it makes me gain and harder to lose. The reason why I was put on Metformin (in addition to the Spiro) was because of the excess facial hair. Honestly, it hasn't even been working for the hair that much, but my doctor insisted that I stay on it. (My uncle who's a doctor has all my lab work...every time I get it done, I send a copy to him and he has no idea why I'm on the Met. As a doctor, he said I couldn't take his advice and get off it, since my Endo is the one who should tell me too. But no. She wants me on it.) I left a message for her this morning and have yet to hear back.  I wanna know if I'm able to do a trial and error with myself. My next apt is in May...I wanna see how if I skip the Met and just take the Spiro and my birth control from now until then, if I lose weight, maintain the weight and how my blood work is once off. Has anyone else had this problem with the Metformin, as well as using trial and error to see which medications are right for you? I would love some advice!

In regards to my exercises and dieting...like I said, I have been losing weight but not as much or as fast as I used too. I do have to say that my buns look great! I've been doing squats and am happy with that progression. I've been taking pictures for myself to compare each week...but I'm not confident enough to put up those pics of me in my undies, like you see all over Pinterest.

I do have some great recipes to share next time :)


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah

Like a Broken Record

Into the first full week of 2015, as I mentioned, I started my post-holiday weight loss plan. I officially lost 3.6 pounds and although it’s not much, I am very proud. My goal is to lose 15lbs before I go to Disney in February, and while I'm their, try my hardest to maintain the weight. It’s going to be extremely difficult, passing up those Turkey legs in Frontier Land, drinking around the world in Epcot, and most of all, the Mickey shaped Ice cream bars all over the park (my weakness!). I deserve this. I deserve to gain my self-confidence back…to be able to look in the mirror and say damn, I look good! EVERYONE deserves it, and with strong will and determination it can be done. I know, I sound like a broken record…every time I start a new diet, I always seem to slip up….I’m motivated for the first few weeks and then a binge comes alone and knocks me off my feet. This time is different. This time, I come first...my body comes first…and more importantly, my health comes first. I switched my meal plans up and am really happy so far with the outcome. Back to counting calories, tracking my food, exercise and water intake with myftinesspal. A sample of what I’m eating per day:


Before Breakfast:

  • Hot Water, Honey and Cinnamon regimen                                             60 Calories
  • (As stated in my previous blog)


  • ½ Grapefruit                                                                                                    50 calories
  • 1 hardboiled egg                                                                                              78 calories
  • Large coffee from Dunkin Donuts with Skim milk                                   45 calories



  • Spinach with mixed greens                                                                          20 Calories
  • 3 ox of grilled chicken lightly seasoned with salt and pepper               110 Calories
  • 2 clementine’s                                                                                                  66 calories


  • 1 Banana                                                                                                             100 Calories
  • 1 tablespoon reduced fat Peanut Butter                                                       80 Calories


  • 6oz steamed shrimp                                                                                       164 Calories
  • 1 cup brown rice                                                                                              216 Calories
  • 1 cup broccoli                                                                                                    78 Calories

Before Bed:

  • Hot Water, Honey and Cinnamon regimen                                           60 Calories


Total daily calorie intake:                                                                        1127 Calories


My daily food calorie intake I’m trying to keep under 1200. I could negate the calories burned for food, but I don’t. I strictly eat less than 1200 a day and then work out as “extra” calories were burned, and not eaten.

After dinner you can usually find me downstairs, on my treadmill, working up a sweat while listening to Pandora’s Disney station. I tell ya, Disney songs and working out go hand in hand…Singing at the top of my lungs while pausing to dance (and still burning calories) really feel great! (I have 37 days to go until vacation so I must be prepared!) I found a couple of exercises that I really enjoyed on Pinterest. I was hurting the day after I started them so it definitely works for me.  Here’s a sample of what I’ve been doing:



FullSizeRender (3)

NOTE: I do this routine 3 times...they say to do it 5, but it's too much for me right now, plus with the other workout I'm doing. Maybe in a week or two once my body is used to the changes, I can work myself up.


All over workout:


NOTE: I do this three times (as it says). Once before my workout, and twice after.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and I am determined to get to my goal weight (Again.... Like a broken record). Gotta start somewhere though, right!?! :)


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah

Happy New Year Lovelies!

I hope you’re enjoying the start of 2015! I cannot believe how fast it has come around!Now then, NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! I make a habit of not making any resolutions because words are often meaningless without actions and actions really make the difference! I love the idea of joining a gym and going every day but that's just not practical for me at the moment, and I hate gyms. I prefer my exercise to not intrude too much on my day, so cycling to a place I need to be has always been my preferred workout method!

My Plan

Last year I was 1 stone 5 pounds heavier than I am now. This time next year, I will be 2 stone lighter than I am now. That’s not up for debate in my mind, and I see it as fact. I’m on a weight loss journey and well, slow and steady does win the race!

I never stopped counting my calories using 'Myfitnesspal' app but christmas and new year just feels like a tougher time to control everything, and I may have had the odd biscuit or couple of Cadbury Roses here and there which I didn’t log in my app. (Ooooops!) But, right back on it now, all the Roses and goodies are gone! I’m only cheating myself if I cheat my calorie app! I'm sitting at my desk right now eating tomato soup for my lunch which is souper tasty...(apparently it's lame jokes o'clock)✌️ So bring it on 2015, I’m ready! 😁

I'm always worried about what i'm eating because my job means I sit behind a desk all day. I've found a place to park just outside the city which means I can park for free and cycle in to work! (4 miles a day) Which will make a huge difference to me and hopefully my now stagnant weight loss will kick back into gear again!!!

Think about what you want to achieve or what you want to improve on this year, but never cease to forget what you’ve already achieved, because quite often, it’s really quite spectacular. ✌️

(Also, I stopped taking my pill this month as a bit of an experiment! I’ll let you know how that works out for me)

Have a beautiful week

Katherine x

Some Honey and Cinnamon

I hope everyone had a Happy, Healthy holiday and a fantastic New Years! I hope everyone was able to spend time with their families, and got everything they wanted from Santa! My family and I received some pretty amazing news which made our Christmas. My brother and Sister in law are having a little princess! I’m super excited to be an Auntie to a beautiful, previous little girl. They’re due in April, but it can’t come soon enough. I’m already spoiling my niece, buying her toys and pretty little outfits. A very exciting time for us! It’s been so long since I last blogged, and am so excited to pick up where I left off. To kick off 2015, I'm exited to hear all about your goals, to hear about how you're getting on track, and hope to make this year as successful as we can with PCOSAA. I also have many new healthy recipes, fitness activities and other helpful information that I can’t wait to share now, and in my upcoming blogs. In the past few weeks, it was hard to keep on track, and of course the holidays throws everyone off (I know it threw me off!) Unfortunately, I gained the weight back that I initially lost a few months ago, when I first started the blog. Yes. I gained back 10lbs. I’m ashamed, I’m embarrassed, and I hate how I look. Although I LOVE the holidays, I’m so glad they’re over. For me, there’s no excuse to eat wrong, no excuse to not work out, and a great time to focus on myself. I started yesterday, since I like to begin diets the start of the week, which also let me continue my holiday binge straight through the weekend…(at least I got it out of my system!) I weighed myself first thing in the morning, I shed a tear because of the gain, and then felt motivated to do all the right things.

This past weekend I googled, and used Pinterest to come up with new detoxes, breakfast and lunch ideas for work, and of course home workouts (since I have the treadmill in the basement, I use that with the weights I have, jump rope, and other little full body workouts I come across). As I was on Pinterest a weight loss trick caught my eye. I never heard of this before and thought I’d give it a go. I saw many positive reviews, it’s Dr. Oz approved, and it’s amazing for people with PCOS and people who have diabetes. What is it?? Hot water with Cinnamon and Honey. I started it yesterday and from here on out am going to continue this regimen as part of my every day routine. Below is a recipe and tutorial on how it works and what it does. It’s tasty…something that can definitely be gotten used to.


Hot water with Cinnamon and Honey Regimen


  • 1 cup Boiling water
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon



  • Boil cup of water
  • Pour over cinnamon.
  • Let it steep for 15 minutes before adding the honey
  • Once it is warm, add the honey. (Why wait to add it? Because the enzymes in the honey get destroyed by the hot water.)
  • Stir
  • Have ½ cup in the morning, before you eat or drink anything else…Put the rest in the refrigerator for 45 minutes before you go to bed. DON’T heat it up. At night drink it cold, straight from the fridge. It should be the first thing you drink in the morning, and the last thing you eat or drink at night.


The Benefits:

Honey in warm water:  


    • Helps in digesting the fat stored in your body.
    • Maintains blood sugar levels, muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration after a workout.
    • Contains vitamin C, Calcium and iron.
    • Helps remove radicals from body which improve immune function.

Cinnamon in warm water:

  • Excellent source of manganese, dietary fiber, iron and calcium.
  • Has antifungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Can curb appetites and food cravings.

The regimen is said to be able to cure:

Arthritis, Indigestion, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Bladder infection, Cholesterol, Fatigue, Toothache, Colds, Influenza, Upset stomach, Immune system, Skin infection, Weight loss, Bad breath, Hearing loss.


PCOS teal ribbonAll the best, Sarah

The Great Depression / Happy Everything!

Two months ago I wrote a blog called "Keep Calm When You’re Feeling Blue". In the blog I indicated ways to deal with stress and depression. I had to re-read the blog and am currently going through all the coping mechanisms because my depression has gotten the worst of me...again. My birthday is in a few days, Christmas is next week...and all I'm doing is dwelling on the past, the future, and life. Stressing on the littlest things---Why?? Why do we do this to ourselves?? Why is it that women with PCOS are ALWAYS depressed? I swear, it's like the great depression up in my body. It's not fair! I hate being depressed all the time. It's come to a point where I want to talk to my endo about it and see if she can prescribe something for me. Now...I'm not one to take the easy way out, especially when it comes to my health. I'm not one to rely on meds to treat my problems (face it--I WONT even take Excedrin if I have a migraine!) ..But something's gotta give...Can I have some feedback from my fellow cysters!? How do you gals deal with PCOS related depression? Do you take anything? How do you cope?  

On another note...January 1st is right around the corner and along with my constant weight loss goals (Which are always a given)...I've added a few more goals to my list

  • - Get out of my comfort zone...expand my "Friends" list and get on more dating websites in hopes to find Mr. Right
  • - Focus on myself. Set aside some more "me" time and love myself a bit more
  • - Save a bit more money each week.
    • 1/3 of my pay goes in the bank, the other for me to live during the week, and the last to pay my bills. Going to try saving more in the bank to hopefully move out of my parents house within the next year or two. Living on Long Island is so hard for our generation to live on our own. Prices on everything have skyrocketed, and you can't get a decent home out here for less than $350,000. (HENCE WHY I'M STRESSING.)

Things will work out--just have to give them time.

I probably wont be blogging till after the holidays, so I'd like to wish ALL of you and your families a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza and happy healthy New Year! God bless you all :)

More healthy recipes, Fitness activities, and tips to dealing with PCOS coming 2015 :)



PCOS teal ribbonAll the best, Sarah




Spread the Word

As I open my different social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram I see so many positing's from PCOSAA. I can't tell you how happy I am to see OUR association and OUR cysters posting about OUR disorder. I think that it's phenomenal that we are spreading the word and getting recognized via social media (which is used EVERY day by billions of people). It's so heart warming to see different women with PCOS interacting and commenting on these posts, communicating with other cysters and getting advice, help and new ideas. This weekend while I was on Instagram, I came across a post from PCOSAA which advertised blue rubber PCOS Awareness bracelets. Instantly, I knew I had to have them. After I am finished typing this blog, I am going to purchase between 5-10 to wear and to share with my friends/family to spread the awareness. Here's a link to the site's store. I encourage you all to buy one or as many as you can, and give them away to spread the word as well.



After the holidays are over, I would love to do something a little more. I would like to coordinate and put together a PCOS walk or fundraising event (one per state/town) which could bring women with PCOS together, friends and families of ours together to donate and make aware of our situation. One cyster per state/town can handle and put together their event. We can make flyers, t-shirts, do contest give aways', etc. It would be a fun thing to do, while helping our cause become more noticeable, as we accumulate donations for research.

If you guys would like to partake in something like this, please let me know and we can work it out with PCOSAA. It would be amazing if we can all come together and make a difference, especially in a cause that hits home and affects all of us.


Here's my email for those of you who would like to message me personally: smpalilla@gmail.com


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah


Just Another Random Blog

It feels like I haven't blogged in forever! I have so much to say since the last time I wrote, so this will probably be another blog full of randomness! :)  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and loved ones. My thanksgiving was extraordinary! I helped mom prep and cook for the big meal, spent time with family and of course, ate and drank. It was beautiful having everyone at my house, reminiscing about old times while making new memories. Times like these are priceless and I treasure every minute of them. Friday I dragged myself to the mall, just went along with some girlfriends, didn't really buy anything since this year I'm keeping it simple...Gift Cards for everyone! Saturday I helped with the Christmas decorations, went out for Gyro's with my parents and went to a bar with my siblings and some friends. Sunday was a day of relaxation for me. Went to a friends for pizza and football while watching the Giants lose in the last minute of the game..no words can express how I felt during that unpredictable (kinda predictable how the giants have been playing loss. I couldn't believe it they were up by 2, then lost by 1 all within the last minute of the quarter. Womp Womp. As per my diet, I gave myself a break from Thanksgiving to yesterday. Hence getting a Gyro with my parents, going to the bar for some drinks and indulged in pizza on Sunday.  I was bad, yes...but it was totally worth it! I got it out of my system until the next occasion which is my birthday on the 18th. Turning the big 2-6. Nothing too crazy...actually just signed up for my own Healthcare insurance today with my job. Sucks getting old, but it's something we all have to go through. I was always lucky to be under my parents plan...I didn't really have to pay a dime to visit the doctors (which for me is 4 times a year between Endo and Gyno). Anywho--back to the diet. I started counting calories again and working out after dinner. Running, power walking, burpees, crunches, you name it--I'm doing it. I gotta get my body back on track. Only 22 more days left to reach my goal. 10 more pounds, I think it's possible. How's everyone doing toward theirs??

****Biotin/Hair thinning update****

I started taking Biotin two months ago, and all of  a sudden I have seen a drastic improvement, however there are some cons (but I think I can get past them).


  • My bald spot patches are patching up VERY nicely. I'm not embarrassed to put my hair up anymore.
  • My hair is longer, shinier and looks ALOT healthier.
  • My nails are stronger and longer.
  • My eyelashes are even growing and they look full and beautiful!


  • My facial hair is growing faster (chin, eyebrows, and sides of face).
  • My legs and arms (yes--I shave my arms LOL) are growing faster as well.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I think I can deal with the extra plucking and shaving if it means that I'm achieving my desired results. Ohhhh the struggles we endure with having PCOS!


PCOS teal ribbonAll the best, Sarah

Happy Turkey Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! I can't believe the holidays are here...Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and I'm super excited! This year, we're having it at my house and I couldn't be more happier since 1.) We don't have to travel 2) I can be comfy and change into sweats :) and 3) I'm off from work the next day which means 4 day weekend for me, as I also get to keep the tradition alive and help my parents with the Christmas decorations! So as I stated a few blogs ago, I told you all that I had an upcoming doctors appointment with my Endo. Well, I was able to get squeezed into an earlier apt, so I went yesterday before work. Not too thrilled with the news I received, but at least most of my questions were answered. My lab work came back blahh. From not so bad to kinda badddd...

  • I'm Low in Vitamin D (No matter how much Vitamin D I take, I swear I think I'll ALWAYS be low!)
  • My H1AC was a tinch higher than 6 months ago. It's up to 5.6, where it was 5.4 6 months ago. They say that 5.7-6.4 is considered Pre-Diabetic, which means that I REALLY need to keep up with the Diet/Exercising.
  • I have insulin resistance. What a way to start off the holidays, right!? Well...she explained to me that 70% of women with PCOS develop insulin resistance,. In a nutshell, (I took this off the internet because I was afraid I wasn't going to explain it correctly) The cells in the body are resistant to the effect of a normal level of insulin. More insulin is then produced to keep the blood sugar normal. This raised level of insulin in the bloodstream is thought to be the main underlying reason why PCOS develops. It causes the ovaries to make too much testosterone. A high level of insulin and testosterone interfere with the normal development of follicles in the ovaries. As a result, many follicles tend to develop but often do not develop fully. This causes problems with ovulation - hence, period problems and reduced fertility. --- I guess that was longer than I thought...wasn't in a nutshell, sorry!

So yeah...This is what I now have, on top of everything else. My doctor explained that there aren't really any symptoms of Insulin Resistance, but did say that Constant Fatigue was a sign. At least that answered my question.

I was bummed after leaving the doctors, but what made me feel better about the situation was that I'm not the only one. 70% of women with PCOS have it, so it made me feel more relieved. I also thought to myself that although there isn't a cure, it can be treated. I just have to keep up with the diet/exercise and I WILL feel better.

Does anyone else have Insulin Resistance.? I'd love to hear some comments and stories!

Well...I want to wish you all a VERY Happy and Healthy Turkey day!!! Enjoy yourselves, and make some beautiful memories with all your families and friends!



Happy T



PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah

Beautiful Beginnings

Last Monday (17th November), I started my first proper full time job! I was a teensy bit worried about how I would cope being out of the house every day and actually getting up before 10am every day too! (Student Life has spoilt me for too many years) However, as I write this post, I can confidently say, that I feel like i’ve landed on my little feet! The office is so well decorated, it’s such a relaxed atmosphere and I’m working with such wonderfully smart and funny people! I feel like I can be 100% myself around the people i’m working with, and that’s a rare thing to find in a job! Another bit of news this week is that I did my weigh in yesterday and I’ve lost another 4 pounds!!!!! Woohoo! So that brings my total weight loss to a beautiful - 1 STONE and 7 POUNDS!!!!! (21 Ibs / one and a half dress sizes)! I’m absolutely over the moon! (I’m not cycling every day as i’m now commuting so i’ve been rambling around in the woods last weekend (shown below haha) and I’m looking at gyms near to my work)

ANYWAY, I’m especially over the moon because I know that that is a 4.73% weight loss! Just loosing 10% can greatly reduce the side effects of PCOS and can drastically improve the condition and i’m half way there now to that golden 10% mark and it’s only another 12 pounds weight loss to go to get to that mark!!!! (Though i’m aiming for a total loss of 54 pounds so just another 32 to go now and that will be over 20%)

It’s so important not to lose sight of your goals. I know that i’m doing this, not just for me, but for my future. I want to enhance my chances of conceiving children one day too and I think that’s a positive attitude to have.

Remember what you want to gain from life and never stop working towards it.

What i’ve learnt lately, is that if you work hard enough, then you see the changes and you reap the rewards. Even if the changes you make are very small, they can produce big results!

Have a very beautiful week and I hope you’re all doing well.

P.S Sorry i’ve not been very verbal lately, I was having a few health complications, and received a mis-diagnosis which resulted in my going to MIU at the hospital to be seen, where I was tested properly and told I had a kidney infection which has been treated with Antibiotics and I feel 100% better and back to myself. SO i’ll be back blogging frequently now!


P.S Sorry i’ve not been very verbal lately, I was having a few health complications, and received a mis-diagnosis which resulted in my going to MIU at the hospital to be seen, where I was tested properly and told I had a kidney infection which has been treated with Antibiotics and I feel 100% better and back to myself. SO i’ll be back blogging frequently now!

Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

The most annoying thing about working a desk job, is downtime. And what’s on my mind when I’m bored and have downtime?? FOOD! Of course, I’m not hungry ALL the time (Ok just kidding, I’m always hungry LOL), but when I’m sitting in front of a computer all day, I find myself wanting to pick and munch on something. Although I rather have chips and popcorn, I’ve been bringing other healthy options such as almonds, sugar free Jell-O pudding, an extra yogurt, banana, some fruit…you get the picture.  

Below is a list of super healthy snacks I put together that are PCOS friendly and are under 150 calories. Perfect for the midafternoon munchies as well as easy, peasy lemon squeezy to prepare and transport to work, school and on the go.


  • 1 cup of berries: 70 Calories
  • Apple with 1 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter: 150 Calories
  • 2 Tangerines: 66 Calories
  • Grapefruit: 100 Calories
  • Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt: 80 Calories
  • ½ cup cottage cheese: 115 Calories
  • 1 Tablespoon PB plus Celery: 110 Calories
  • 1 Hardboiled egg: 70 calories
  • 20 Almonds: 150 Calories
  • 1 Banana: 90 Calories
  • 1 Cup Jell-O Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding: 100 Calories
  • 2 Laughing Cow Baby bell Cheese’s + handful grapes: 120 Calories
  • 1 cut up tomato with ½ ball of fresh mozzarella: 110 Calories


These are all easy and healthy snacks! If anyone else has any other ideas and different creations that are under 150 calories please feel free to share!

For those of you that have more time, here’s a list plus easy recipes I put together of home-made healthy snacks under 150 calories

  • Chocolate dipped honey wheat pretzels: 120 Calories for 6 Pretzels
  • Dip the store bought Honey wheat pretzels in melted chocolate. Line on Parchment paper and place in fridge overnight.
  • Fruit-and-nut bark: 70 Calories each bark
  • Microwave 2 tablespoons chocolate chips until melted, pour onto parchment paper, sprinkle with 5 chopped pistachios and 5 golden raisins, and refrigerate until hardened.
  • Homemade Kale Chips: 1 Cup = 34 Calories
  • Remove the ribs from the kale and cut into 1 1/2-inch pieces. Lay on a baking sheet and toss with the olive oil and salt. Bake until crisp turning the leaves halfway through, about 20 minutes.
  • Homemade Oven Dried Banana Chips: 20 Chips= 90 Calories
  • Peel 2 bananas and slice. Place on lined baking sheet. Brush bananas with lemon juice. Bake on lowest setting your oven will go for 1.5 hours.


There you go…Easy snack ideas, homemade or store bought. Again, if you all have any ideas, please share!

PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah

New Goals

As the holidays approach us, I’ve been able to successfully maintain some weightless as well as clean, healthy eating, making it able for me to lose 11lbs since I’ve started this blog. I’ve been able to pass up the Pumpkin Pie my parents bought last week, the lemon cookies my dad made this weekend and the pizza my friends and I ordered for Football on Sunday. It’s been difficult but I’ve been able to stay on track of my journey which I’m allowing myself to go all out for the holidays, as well as my birthday which is exactly a week before Christmas day. In the midst of all this, I only have one thing on my mind. DISNEY! I definitely want to be able to reach my goal by then, so I can be comfortable and able to not be as self-conscious like I am on all my vacations. My sister had went to the Doctor a few weeks ago and wanted to do something about her weight as well. She took matters into her own hands and was put on a very strict 1200 calorie per day diet which consists of 2 protein shakes and one “clean meal” which includes 1 cup greens, ½ cup of starch and 6oz of meat or fish, or 6 egg whites with veggies/ The target weight loss is about 10lbs per month, and into the 3rd week she’s lost about 7. I couldn’t be more proud of her, as she inspired me to join her down this path. On January 2nd, right after the holidays, I will buy the protein powder that is prescribed by the doctor, and do exactly what she’s doing. Since this diet is prescribed by physicians, it’s one of the healthiest to do. I’m excited to try something new and can’t wait to track my experiences and post new fun and healthy recipes for you all! Well. It’s that time 2nd time of year for me again....blood work and a visit to my Endocrinologist. As all the other times, I’m dreading it. I feel healthy especially with all the diet and exercising I’ve been doing, but you still never know. I have a couple of things I want to discuss with her such as being exhausted all the time and if I can do more than what I’m already doing for this damn thinning hair. My appointments not for another 2 weeks so I will definitely update you after I go. Hopefully she can answer some of my questions, so I can inform you all if you have the same symptoms as I do! :)

PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah

The Most Happiest Place on Earth

Last night was the most magical of magical, as I will always be a little kid at heart. My sisters birthday was a few weeks ago and I was stumped with an idea for a gift. She has tons of Alex and Ani’s, and Pandora charms, and other chachki’s that I wanted to do something totally different. I saw an advertisement for Disney’s Frozen on Ice and knew that’s what I had to get. (She’s 22 years old and the biggest Disney fan…while in college she interned at Disney World, in the Magic Kingdom, so she’s kinda really obsessed lol). Anyways, blahblahblah, I got a fantastic deal, she was totally shocked and we went last night. I swear, this was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. They literally did the whole movie on the ice..Sven, and Kristoff, and Olaf and Elsa and Ana and the snow monster and everyone was there, singing, and dancing, it was perfectly perfect and was just an amazing time. To make another long story short, we got home last night from the show, and my parents said to us…”We’re going to Disney in February!!!!” My family and I go on a family vacation every year. It’s a beautiful tradition that my parents like to do each year to keep us all close and what not. Last year we went to the Dominican Republic with my brother and his wife...and this year we’re doing Disney with my sister and her boyfriend. We’ve been to Disney plenty of times before, and went for both Thanksgiving and Christmas two years ago while my sister interned at the Magic Kingdom and I have to say that it is really the happiest place on earth. Like I said, I’m a little kid at heart, but, I don’t think anyone’s too old for Disney. :)  



So you all know what this means right??? Gotta truly stick with my diet and exercises. The holidays are gonna mess me up a bit, but not only do I have all of you for support and motivation, my sister is dieting and exercising with me and it’s our goal to lose an additional 10-15 pounds before we go away. I’m going to keep calorie counting, cutting the carbs out (even my beloved potatoes that I love so much), continue exercising hard core 4-5 days a week, try to stay more on track during the weekends, and just be super healthy and extremly strict. I HAVE too. I gotta look good for all those Disney Princes, duhhh ;)


What's everyone's favorite Disney movie and song!??? My favorite Disney movie is Peter Pan and my favorite Disney song is "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast :)


PCOS teal ribbon All the best, Sarah