PCOSAA's Application to serve on the Leadership Board

Thank you for wanting to serve on PCOS Awareness Association's Leadership Board! We are looking for 2-3 dedicated individuals to help PCOSAA grow and succeed. Being a part of the Leadership Board requires an individual to be able to offer ideas and feedback. As a Leader you may be asked to lead a group of volunteers to complete a project. You may also be required to correspond with other organizations and companies on behalf of PCOSAA. PCOSAA's founder may ask you to help with projects or editing documents. During projects with deadlines you may be asked to donate more of your time depending on the project. You would be added to a private Facebook Page dedicated to the Leadership Board and there you will see all the projects and requests that need help. Please remember, we are all volunteers but to make PCOSAA great we need to work together.

PCOSAA has many ideas but needs strong leaders to help make these ideas come true. Are you willing to assist with this?

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